◎ Committed to the research, development, production and upgrade of mining machine as well as related accessories

◎ Self-developed ETH mining machine used at home, with high computing power but low energy consumption and low noise, getting high returns for all miners


◎ Own warehousing, remote location and low cost, bringing more cost advantages to products

◎ tight and dedicated package to ensure safe delivery to your home


◎ Multiple products

◎ R & D and upgrade Products

◎ Adapt to the market

◎ Prices at a good value

◎ Suitable for home use

Challenge & Risk

Every new enterprise is faced with risks and challenges. Founded by a group of designers, programmers, and enthusiasts, ETMETAMINER is a young brand which focuses on mining machine and related accessories. "Connect Chip World, Empower Mining Coin" is our slogan.

With the purpose of exploring new technology, new workmanship, and providing a new experience, ETMETAMINER is working hard to provide the ultimate experience for each global customer. We are confident that our research and development are solid.

 -We have protected our intellectual property.
 -We have partnered with a premier mining manufacturer in Shenzhen, China.
 -We conducted a 6-month test market and received previous reviews.

We’ve investigated all aspects of marketing, manufacturing, and distribution, and we believe that the financial and commercial risks are manageable.  We see significant opportunity in ongoing travel restrictions during these difficult times. We hope that you’ll choose to elevate the standard of intimate pleasure experience by backing this project.

How else can we assist you?

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More information, please contact us at etmetaminer@gmail.com